How do I get help?

First get in touch with the group by emailing or calling on the contact details here.

Some of our organisers will then arrange to meet up with you to get more details about the issues you’re facing. They will contact the group to arrange a meeting for us to discuss whether we think your campaign is winnable. This decision is based on an assessment of how hard it will be for your boss/landlord to back down and how much we think we can hurt their image/business with our campaigning.

It is important to think we have a chance of winning campaigns if we are going to commit a lot of time and effort to them. If we think we can win a campaign around your issue, we will arrange a meeting where you will be introduced to the whole network and we can work together to come up with a plan for how to conduct the campaign.

You will lead your own campaign but we will support you throughout. If you decide to involve the network in your campaign then we expect you to join the network and support the campaigns of others as well.

The experience of other groups similar to ours has demonstrated that this model of collective action is very successful. Together we are stronger!