A new fight- James vs the Lowell Group

A few weeks ago Nottingham Solidarity Network were contacted by James Coll. He informed us that he had been receiving demand letters from the Lowell Group, a debt recovery company based in Leeds. They had bought a debt from Shop Direct and were now intent on collecting the money from Mr.Coll. The account had not been opened up or used by Mr. Coll, he had not signed for anything, and was both unwilling and unable to pay the debt. The Lowell Group are now threatening litigation in order to collect the debt. Nottingham Solidarity Network and James Coll ask you to email the Lowell Group the letter drafted below their email is post@lowellgroup.co.uk or write a letter to them at PO Box 172, Leeds, LS11 9WS. The letter is addressed to Mr. Andrew Bartle the company director of the Lowell Group and the signatory of the demand letters.

To Andrew Bartle,

We are writing to you regarding account number 94884193. As you know this is a debt purchased from Marshall Ward and their company Shop Direct. At present you are sending Mr. Coll letters threatening litigation due to an outstanding balance of £1541.27. We ask you to desist with these threats immediately. Mr.Coll has been in touch with you via Aid Uk, who informed you that the original Shop Direct account was not opened up by Mr. Coll, but a third party. We believe that you know of this third party, and that you have been in contact with them, but as they were unable to work out a payment plan you have continued to direct your focus on Mr.Coll. Mr. Coll was in hospital at the time undergoing treatment for cancer, treatment which is still ongoing. The account was not opened with his blessing nor knowledge. He did not sign for the account nor knew about it until the letters that you have sent to him. Furthermore, Mr. Coll does not have the means nor the inclination to pay for a debt built by a third party, and believes that you are unfairly targeting him at a time in his life where he needs to be focusing all his energies on dealing with the cancer treatment his doctors are providing him with.

We believe that you would be gravely mistaken to pursue further action against a man who is seriously ill and who had nothing to do with the account to begin with. We are members of Mr.Coll’s community, and will be supporting him throughout this process. If this matter is not dropped we will take further action. We hope that this letter finds open ears and sensible minds.

Sincerely James Coll and Nottingham Solidarity Network

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