NSN’s first action

This is NSN’s first action! We are accompanying J to take a demand to his landlord and would like to get a good group together to show solidarity. Meet at the corner of Mount Street and Maid Marion Way this Thursday (8th March) at 12.15pm.


Help us take action against an unscrupulous landlord

J and 3 friends were renting a Forest Fields house owned by landlord, Mr Shakil. When they moved in they paid Mr Shakil a £700 deposit which was never entered in any of the deposit protection schemes, as required by law. He also failed to take an inventory of neither the household’s contents, nor any damage to the property.

At the end of December 2011 the tenants received letters from the mortgage holder, Northern Rock, saying that the house was to be repossessed due to mortgage payments not having been paid for 6 months. After having to go to court to delay their eviction and the time, stress and expense that entails they have now moved out of the dilapidated property and have asked for their deposit back from the landlord. Despite continuing promises to pay the deposit while still living there and knowing he has the funds, he is now refusing to pay for entirely spurious reasons.

J contacted the Nottingham Solidarity Network to see if we could help him get his deposit back. We will be meeting at the corner of Mount Street & Maid Marion Way at 12:15 on Thursday to accompany J whilst he delivers a letter to Mr Shakil demanding the return of the deposit and making clear that we will take further action if this is not done. We welcome all supporters to join us.

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